Minnesota VAWA Immigration Attorneys

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, our immigration attorneys can help you fight deportation and become a permanent resident.

  • Has your U.S. citizen spouse filed for divorce but continues to harass you, refuse to pay child support or threatens to call immigration authorities to deport you?
  • Does you permanent resident spouse physically harm you, keep you from having friends or refuse to file immigration papers for you to get a green card?
  • Are you the oldest child in your family?  Have you a parent harm your other parent or mistreat your siblings?

How Does VAWA Work?

Immigrant victims of domestic abuse can seek relief in three ways:

  1. Self-Petition for a green card through VAWA.  You can file a special immigration VAWA self-petition based on your family relationship to obtain green card benefits on your own without your abuser’s consent.
  2. Immigration Court Deportation Defense.  You can use special VAWA rules to fight against being deported or removed from the United States at immigration court hearings.
  3. Modify Conditional Residency Status.  You can independently seek VAWA adjustment of status to obtain a VAWA green card granting you permanent residency status.

Who Is Eligible for VAWA Benefits?

The following persons are eligible to file self-petitions under VAWA:

  • Abused spouses of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.  This includes abused male spouses.
  • Spouses of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents who are not abused but whose children are abused.
  • Abused male and female children of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.

Qualifying for a Green Card through VAWA

Many immigrant victims of domestic violence do not think they qualify for VAWA protections and benefits.  You may achieve permanent residency through VAWA not only if you are a battered or abused victim of domestic violence but also if you have been subject to extreme cruelty.  Some examples include:

Social Isolation

  • Limiting you from the use of the telephone
  • Making you dependent on the abuser for transportation
  • Preventing you from visiting or speaking with family members
  • Prohibiting from letting you work, go to school, or learn English

Economic Control

  • Controlling all the money, credit cards, and bank accounts
  • Not giving you any money to spend without permission
  • Keeping your name off bank accounts, rental agreements, and utility bills

Emotional Abuse

  • Calling you names and putting you down in front of other people
  • Making you feel guilty about the children when they act up
  • Opening and reading all your mail before giving it to you
  • Questioning the kids about what you did all day while the abuser was at work

If you have been mistreated in these types of ways, you have a chance to obtain VAWA benefits with the help of our minneapolis domestic violence attorneysContact our immigration attorneys at (612) 338-5007 to learn more about how we can help you obtain VAWA benefits.  We offer free consultation and payment plans.