Humanitarian Parole

Minnesota Humanitarian Parole Immigration Lawyers

Humanitarian parole is the process by which someone who is otherwise inadmissible to the United States is allowed to temporarily enter the country due to a compelling humanitarian emergency.
This may be used for anyone applying for admission to the United States due to a humanitarian emergency situation that currently exists in the person’s home country or if there is a significant public benefit that is associated with the person’s temporary entry to the United States.  People entering the country as a result of humanitarian parole must depart the United States before their parole expires.  If there is reason for the nonimmigrant to stay in the United States, they must apply for re-parole with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

Requirements for Humanitarian Parole

  • A valid, urgent humanitarian emergency or significant public benefit
  • Complete Form I-131 and Form I-134 for each applicant and pay a filing fee
  • Detailed explanations describing the circumstances of humanitarian emergency


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