K-1 (Fiance) and K-3 (Spouse) Visas

Minnesota K-1 Fiancé(e) and K-3 Spouse Visa Attorneys, Minneapolis Immigration Lawyers

The K-1 visa allows entry into the United States for foreign nationals who are engaged to marry U.S. citizens, while the K-3 visa is for foreign national spouses of U.S. citizens. Many strict and specific requirements govern K visas but the advice of an experienced Minnesota immigration attorney can help you understand the application process, avoid mistakes and identify alternative means of entry if a K-1 visa will not be available under your particular circumstances.

Our immigration attorneys will prepare your visa petition, collect necessary materials and present your documentation to make the process simple and time-efficient. After the government approves the K-1 or K-3 petition, we assist you with the forms required for the fiancé(e) or spouse visa application at the U.S. Embassy where the person now resides. After your fiancé, fiancée or spouse enters the United States, we can handle the application for permanent residency (green card) status while preparing other necessary documents and submissions.

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