Immigrant Visas & Adjustment of Status

Minnesota Immigrant Visa Lawyers

Foreign nationals in the United States under nonimmigrant visas are often eligible for permanent residency (a “green card”) through adjustment of status. In certain circumstances, adjustment of status allows a person already in the U.S. to obtain permanent status without having to leave the U.S. to file at a consulate abroad.

Generally speaking, a foreign national must be in the U.S. under lawful admission and maintain a valid nonimmigrant status at the time of application for adjustment, although current laws provide for specific exceptions to this rule. Adjustment of status is usually based upon an approved petition reflecting an individual’s qualifying family relationship or an employment-based petition.

Qualifying for Adjustment of Status without a Valid Current Status

The law permits adjustment of status in many other situations such as:

  • Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens: spouses, parents and unmarried minor children
  • Certain persons who may have entered the U.S. illegally prior to a specified date
  • Persons eligible for asylum
  • Persons eligible for refugee status
  • Favorable results in the diversity visa lottery

Obstacles to Lawful Permanent Residence

Adjustment of status requires a complete review of a foreign national’s history to identify potential issues preventing a green card being granted. The review process has multiple steps, including fingerprints and biometrics, background and security checks and a formal government interview.

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