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Choosing an immigration lawyer to represent your immigration case may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Making the right decision can mean the difference between staying or leaving the United States. Immigration attorney Katie DeGrio Channing understands how much is at stake in your immigration case. That is why she devotes all of her time, energy, and resources to achieving a favorable outcome for her clients and does not rest until a favorable result is obtained.

Immigration attorney Katie DeGrio Channing has earned the respect from immigration judges, federal immigration agencies, and other immigration lawyers as a “go-to” advocate who consistently obtains incredible results for her clients. Ms. DeGrio Channing’s goal is always to provide the best immigration service while giving compassionate and reliable advice.

Why You Should Choose the Best Minnesota Immigration Attorney

With so many immigration attorneys in Minnesota and across the country, choosing the right attorney can seem difficult. When making this important decision, look at each attorney’s qualifications and experience. Things to consider include:

Immigration Experience. Only a lawyer who specializes in immigration law can appropriately handle your case. With constantly changing immigration laws and rules, hiring an attorney who does not focus 100% on immigration law is a mistake. You should also choose an attorney who has experience handling your specific type of immigration case, whether it involves a visa, a waiver, a green card, citizenship, or asylum.

Resources. Immigration attorney Katie DeGrio Channing is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, a premier institution for practicing immigration lawyers to share, discuss, and help change federal immigration laws. Ms. DeGrio Channing also works woth a team of outstanding professionals including an award-winning criminal defense attorney, skilled investigators, language interpreters, and human resources professionals. By surrounding our clients with the best network of advocates, we bring the best results for our clients.

As an established Minnesota immigration lawyer, Ms. DeGrio Channing has the knowledge, resources, and proven success to help any immigration client achieve his or her goal. When facing any complex immigration case, a skilled lawyer on your side is a must. Contact Immigration Attorney Katie DeGrio Channing today for a free consultation.

The sooner you contact Ms. DeGrio Channing, the greater your chances of success will be. Call us at (651) 318-6006 or email her at

Katie DeGrio Channing

Immigration Attorney Katie DeGrio Channing.
Immigration Attorney Katie DeGrio Channing.

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